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Aims & Objectives

To provide an educational scheme whereby young people within their own youth organisation or school work as part of a group to complete a task thereby fulfilling the criteria as laid out below.

1. Learning employment transferable skills

2. Learning safe workshop practice

3. Forward planning

4. Communication skills

5. Information technology

6. Recording and evaluation

7. Decision making and acceptance

8. Teamwork/group work

9. Planning and programming

10. Maximising positive publicity about the leisure time activities of young people

11. Enhancing social skills

12. Outdoor education

13. Financial planning

14. Travel opportunities

15. Interaction with young people from different geographical locations

16. Empowerment

17. Numeracy and literacy

18. Maximising every young persons potential

We are aimed at all young people, including those, who might be classed as at risk", The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Inclusion schemes, Diversionary schemes including crime prevention/reduction schemes, main stream education, including Specialised Diploma projects, Youth Clubs, uniformed organisations, alternative curriculum groups (Ks4) and pre-service groups, If your group does not fit into any of the above descriptions please contact us and we will discuss it with you.

National Youthbike has taken into consideration the recommendations in the various government green and white papers centred around Every Child Matters and following discussion and consultation feels that National Youthbike fulfils all the criteria as recommended by these documents.

Our Child Protection Policy is available for download here.



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